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Get Free Coins in the ICO Offering

Rules for the Universal Smart Contracts, Inc. (“USC”), cryptocurrency giveaway promotion:

In the event that an individual meets all of the following criteria:

  1. They certify that they are an “Accredited Investor” under the Securities Laws;
  2. They complete the registration form accurately and attend an official USC Investor Webinar on or before November 1, 2018 (a “Qualifying Webinar”);
  3. They are certified by GoToWebinar as having been attentive to the Webinar at least 95% of the time; and
  4. They contact USC by telephone within 7 days after having attended the Webinar to give USC their feedback, comments, and critique of the Webinar presentation;

USC will transfer to their account 500 coins issued by USC at or near the time USC launches its Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”).

Bring a Friend

Any individual who meets all of the requirements above shall be issued an additional 250 coins issued by USC at the time USC launches its ICO if they bring an additional individual to a Qualifying Webinar who meets the above requirements, if such individual is not already in USC’s contacts database.

Contact Rita Karpel with questions or for more information.  832-459-7335 or