Real Estate Fraud claims against Premier and Sterling

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Many investors have filed a lawsuit against Premier Capital, Sterling Income, and many other participants in the fraud.  The investors seek the return of their lost money, plus attorneys’ fees and punitive damages of up to three times the value of their losses.  The best way to recover some or all of your investment is to join the lawsuit and fight for your rights. We expect to settle the case with multiple defendants and recover a significant amount of money for investors who join us.

Contact Tom Schmidt immediately if you are interested in participating.

許多投資者已經對Premier Capital,Sterling Income以及其他許多欺詐行為參與者提起訴訟。投資者尋求歸還他們的損失,加上律師費和懲罰性賠償金,最高可達其損失價值的三倍。收回部分或全部投資的最佳方法是加入訴訟並爭取自己的權利。我們希望與多名被告結案並為加入我們的投資者追回大筆資金。

如果您有興趣參加,請立即聯繫Tom Schmidt。

You can see information about the case below…


Philip Leung has been arrested:

Read the Article from the Hong Kong Free Press

Engagement Letter & Wire Instructions:
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Copy of the Lawsuit:
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Catalyst Website:

Catalyst Letter to Clients 1:
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Article regarding Phillip Leung First Prosecution:
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