Schmidt Law Firm helps its clients find all available relief options. SBA loans, private grants, state and local grants and more. Different industries have different programs available. Contact us and we can help you determine the best relief package for your business.

You can set up an advisory session with us. There are countless benefits from getting formal advice. They include:

  • A 30-minute advisory Q&A session by telephone;
  • A quick analysis of your business situation;
  • Determination of your likely qualification for various relief programs (PPP, EIDL, Emergency Advance, Freelancer Grant, Main Street Lending, state and local programs);
  • Great tips & tricks on how to maximize the relief you get from the SBA and other programs;
  • A series of lists of documents you need to prepare to complete your loan applications;
  • Access to our daily blog with updates to relief programs over time;
  • Invitations to our client-only webinars and presentations;
  • Answering questions about 401k loans, IRA withdrawals, tax filing deadlines, changes to unemployment rules, what you should tell your employees, and much more.

After your session, you should be fully prepared to file multiple relief applications and should know the amounts you are entitled to request.

Click here to check our availability for a session.

For those that need more help, we can apply for loans and grants for you, and give you more advanced business advice for an additional fee. Fees for assisting with the preparation of PPP Loan Applications are paid by the bank making your loan. For other efforts, we charge clients by the hour for our services.